Welcome to the world of respiratory_care v2.0

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Teva respiratory

Digital technology is already changing healthcare, and when it comes to respiratory care, Teva are at the forefront. We are committed to a future where devices, technology and services are no longer an afterthought. Welcome to respiratory_care v2.0.


At Teva, we envision an entire connected system where patient, provider and caregiver are united through never-before-seen accurate data on inhaler use, enabling informed communication and clinical decision-making to transform respiratory care.


As the social and economic burden of asthma and COPD continues to rise on a global scale, there is a desperate need for innovative disease management solutions. This impending future for respiratory care represents our biggest challenges, yet our greatest opportunities.


How can the contrasting worlds of healthcare and technology collaborate to create truly effective digital health solutions, to ultimately benefit the entire healthcare system?

Explore all of this, and much more at www.respiratorycarev2.com.